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FERARU CONFERENCES ➩ Fall Season 2020 ➩

Tense and unpredictable as it was, 2020 proved generous to us in terms of expanding our permanent programs in the virtual sphere, bringing on new collaborators and connecting more widely and easily with our audiences. Another season of the Feraru Conferences Online is now over: 9 timely conversations on topics relevant on both sides of the Atlantic, from the dynamics of international cultural relations and the undercurrents of contemporary world politics to the late collective bloom of Romanian cinema, the current obsessions of drama writing and, last but not least, disinformation, fake news and the dangers of online communication. We cannot be more grateful to our brilliant interlocutors, Sir Martin Davidson, former CEO of the British Council, award-winning scientist and Duke University professor Adrian Bejan, author and academic Valentin Naumescu, New York Times star journalist Rukmini Callimachi, playwright, poet and academic Saviana Stănescu, communication scholar Alina Bârgăoanu, film critic and academic Andrei Gorzo, celebrated novelist and essayist Norman Manea, curator Colleen Schafroth, the Executive Director of Maryhill Museum of Art, writer and diplomat Dan Dimancescu, media executive and film-maker John Florescu, for joining us on the program. A big thank you also to the general public, for all the comments, ideas, and praise. Our online series continues next year: stay safe and stay tuned for more transatlantic dialogues!

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