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Alina Bârgăoanu on Disinformation, Fake News and the Dark Side of Communication

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

With the latest dialogue of the Feraru Conferences Online series (November 18, 2020), we descended into the hellish subterrains of the internet, boiling with hate, lies and un unbridled lust for domination, guided by Professor Alina Bârgăoanu, the Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations of the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration in Bucharest and one of the European Union’s prominent experts on online disinformation, computational propaganda, and cyberwar.

Dr. Alina Bârgăoanu is a Romanian communication scholar with a strong interest in digital transformation, strategic communication, fighting disinformation and regulating the digital eco-system. She is currently a member of the advisory board of the European Digital Media Observatory. She was a visiting fellow at the Center for European Studies at Harvard University (October 2018 – March 2019); in 2018, she served as a member of the High-Level Expert Group on Fake News and Disinformation Online at the European Commission. She has published extensively, both for the Romanian and the English press, on topics related to infodemic, conspiracy theories, viralisation mechanisms, public trust and government communications.

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