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Valentin Naumescu on Tectonic Trends in World Politics at the Feraru Conferences

Last week's encounter at the Feraru Conferences focused on the perils and opportunities in a world of dramatic transformation, with massive impact on all aspects of life on both sides of the Atlantic, in the company of author and academic Valentin Naumescu, former Secretary of State in the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and one of the most astute and influential commentators of international politics in Romania.

VALENTIN NAUMESCU is Associate Professor of International Politics, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy and Comparative Politics at the Faculty of European Studies at Babeş-Bolyai University, Romania, where he co-ordinates the Master program in International Relations, Foreign Policy and Crisis Management. He is an independent expert of the European Commission and the founder of the think-tank Citadel, specializing in international politics. He served as Consul General of Romania in Toronto (2008-2012) and Secretary of State in the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2005-2007). Professor Naumescu published 11 books as author, editor or co-editor, the most recent titles being The Crisis of the European Union and the Global Order in the Trump Era(Trei, Bucharest, 2017),The European Union’s Eastern Neighbourhood Today. Politics, Dynamics, Perspectives(co-edited with Dan Dungaciu, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015) andDemocracy and Security in the 21st Century. Perspectives on a Changing World(Ed., Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014).  



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