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Queen Marie of Romania: The Ultimate American Tour

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

A special edition of the Feraru Conferences series, devoted to one of the most beloved and consequential personalities of Romanian history, Queen Marie, and to her triumphal 1926 visit to America. Beautiful and eloquent, adored by her subjects and glorified by the media, the great Queen embarked on a long, exhausting tour throughout the United States to capture the hearts and minds of the Americans and enhance Romania’s profile across the Atlantic.

We revisited the history of this brilliant public diplomacy coup and the larger-than-life figure behind it in the company of curator Colleen Schafroth, the Executive Director of Maryhill Museum of Art, writer and diplomat Dan Dimancescu, author of “Queen Marie in America: My Glorious Adventure,” and media executive and film-maker John Florescu, producer of the documentary “Marie, Heart of Romania.”



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