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Contemporary Romanian Art Scene in 7 Gallery Tours - SEASON 1

Keeping up the pace with the priorities of the post-crisis world and looking beyond Covid-19 as people discover new ways to connect with each another, art is one of the panaceas that can help articulate collective experiences and celebrate our cultural differences. 

Our online series brings you the hotspots of Romania’s contemporary visual arts scene and some of the most talked-about artists' shows through 7 virtual gallery tours introduced by well establish curators and artists. Explore the portfolio of these first-rate galleries, located in major cities throughout Romania, and gain insight into their history, aesthetic outlook, and contemporary relevance. 

Learn more about the works and the artists they promote and muse how they channel universal aspirations as well as intimate experiences through artistic gestures drawn from a wide range of perspectives and cultural traditions, which express shared desires for human connection and return to the life before the health crisis. 

Join our virtual tours and you are instantly browsing the most important exhibitions of the season, getting insight from influential curators, gallerists and artists, and engaging with Romania's vibrant art scene.


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