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Contemporary Romanian Art Scene in 7 Gallery Tours | E3/7: SANDWICH

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Our newest online series brings you the hotspots of Romania’s contemporary visual arts scene and some of the most talked-about artists' shows through 7 virtual gallery tours introduced by well establish curators and artists. Explore the portfolio of these first-rate galleries, located in major cities throughout Romania, and gain insight into their history, aesthetic outlook and contemporary relevance. 

Learn more about the works and artists they promote and muse how they channel universal aspirations as well as intimate experiences through artistic gestures drawn from a wide range of perspectives and cultural traditions, which express shared desires for human connection and return to the life before the health crisis. 


Sandwich started off by using the hidden potential of a residual space with the proportion of 1.5 by 8 meters, found in-between two utilitarian buildings, and is slowly but constantly expanding. It is located in a former industrial area of Bucharest, rapidly developing towards an art district and including various galleries, off-spaces and artist studios. Strongly believing that any restraint is a resource for finding the ultimate solution, Sandwich converts the characteristics of the chosen space into constructive limits. Since its opening in 2016, Sandwich has devoted most of its resources to the production of new works, site-specific art projects and installations, suitable for an outdoor space, by both Romanian and international artists: Thomas Tsang (HK), Jorge Peris ( SP), Mike Nelson (UK), Dan Perjovschi (RO), Abraham Cruzvillegas (MX), Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova (SK), Liliana Basarab (RO), Lazaros (USA) and many more.

#Episode 3: Sandwich


LILIANA BASARAB: My Heart Sits on My Tongue

Liliana Basarab uses ceramics mastering how this medium is associated with decorative arts and with an empirical, emotional way of working. Her objects are fragile without being precious and are strong precisely because they are manually crafted – sharp technique, with no hesitations.

Pieces that could be considered as being feminine are displayed as cult objects and are unapologetically choosing the best exposure spot for themselves. Objects that could be read as masculine are dimensionally reduced, almost toy-like. Together, they form a nature in which anomalies go beyond a critique of patriarchy and manage to even – temporarily – suspend binarism itself. They do this while remaining weightless and genuine, humorously avoiding any traces of strain.

Even though the material stays firm, the shapes become flexible, full of life, and cheerful. Sometimes they mingle with vegetal or animal parts which, to their despair, only make their stiffness clearer. Most of them laugh at us but secretly wish to come to life so that we can all laugh together, tongues at sight, hearts out in the open.


Liliana BASARAB (b. 1979) is a visual artist working in Bucharest, who started her career in Iași, in the early 2000s. Her art practice is socially engaged and often functions as a reflection on representation. She is interested in gender issues and works within various mediums like ceramics, sculpture, drawing, performance, workshops, video. After completing a M.A. in Fine Arts (2005) in Iasi, Romania she was part of Pavillon/Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France (November 2005- June 2006). She took residencies around the world: Platform, Vaasa, Finland (2014), at MPRA, Poznan, Poland (2012); CEC Artslinks residency hosted by Dayton Visual Art Center, Ohio, USA (Independent grant) (2010 and 2011); CIAC (in partnership with The Ark and AFCN), Bucharest, Romania (2009); Künstlerhaus Schloß Balmoral, Bad Ems, Germany (2008), Artistsne(s)t ProHelvetia, Sinaia, Romania (2007); W 139, Amsterdam, Holland (2004) NIFCA, Soumenlinna, Helsinki, Finland (2003).

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