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Contemporary Romanian Art Scene in 7 Gallery Tours | E2/7: CENTRUL DE INTERES

Our newest online series brings you the hotspots of Romania’s contemporary visual arts scene and some of the most talked-about artists' shows through 7 virtual gallery tours introduced by well establish curators and artists. Explore the portfolio of these first-rate galleries, located in major cities throughout Romania, and gain insight into their history, aesthetic outlook and contemporary relevance. 

Learn more about the works and artists they promote and muse how they channel universal aspirations as well as intimate experiences through artistic gestures drawn from a wide range of perspectives and cultural traditions, which express shared desires for human connection and return to the life before the health crisis. 


The Center of Interest is the largest artistic community in Cluj, which includes 6 exhibition spaces on the 4th floor (INTACT SPACE, Bazis Contemporary, CAMERA or ATRIUM), numerous projects and residence spaces on the 1st floor (ATLIER INTACT, BAZIS Project Space, CAMERA Project Space, Nano Gallery, A + Project Space, FRICHE) and workshops on floors 1, 3 and 5, of artists Zsolt Berszan, Istvan Betuker, Andrei Ciurdărescu, Andrei Budescu, Irina Dumitrașcu Măgurean, Istvan Cîmpan, Adrian Ghiman, Ana Horhat, Valentin Ionescu, Gabriel Marian, Ovidiu Leuce, Alex Mirutziu, and Florin Ștefan.

In more than three years of existence, the Center of Interest has organized 94 exhibitions and many other related events, which were attended by over 11,400 visitors. Also, starting with 2019, the Center of Interest hosts the Performance Day event, which introduces the public to the local and international performance scene. With the same interest, the largest contemporary art center in Cluj hosts theater performances, multimedia shows, concerts, conferences or round tables.

#Episode 2: Centrul de Interes Tour

Curent exhibition: “ll faut cultiver notre jardin” (June 26 - September 1, 2020)

A new exhibition is open from June 26 at the 4th floor of Centrul de Interes. “ll faut cultiver notre jardin”, project by Ovidiu Leuce, presents the work of 24 artists: Irina Dumitrașcu, Florin Ștefan, Mihai Plătica, Ovidiu Leuce, Alex Mirutziu, Andrei Budescu, Andrei Ciurdărescu, Zsolt Berszan, Adrian Ghiman, Valentin Ionescu, Istvan Betuker, Gabriel Marian, Istvan Cimpan, Ioan Aurel Mureșan, Robert Bosisio, Mihai Zgondoiu, Cristian Opriș, Robert Andacs, Cristi Avram, Marius Fodor, Theodora Ispas, Delia Avram, Andrei Ispas, Vlad Paraschiv. The exhibition is structured around the enigmatic concluding phrase from Voltaire's Candide or Optimism (1759). After the hero of the novel travels "in the best of all possible worlds," but encounters an endless series of disasters, wars and other human madness, he ends up recommending the care of "our garden" as an antidote to ideological doctrines and as a recipe for a fulfilling life: "it is well said, answered Candide, but we must cultivate our garden." The title of the exhibition is a response to the crisis of our time given by the artistic community which works at Centrul de Interes and not only.

Find out more about Centrul de Interes:

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