Andrew Davidson-Novosivschei / Life Anew II

While the world dreams of evading from isolation and fear, the pandemic remains a menacing presence and the new reality of our future life is still pretty much the realm of imagination. We have invited some of the most important Romanian contemporary authors to share their take on how they think the world would look like when this seemingly never ending ordeal is over. The last guest in our long-running exercise in auctorial foresight is Andrew Davidson-Novosivschei, American academic, literary translator and poet who now calls Bucharest his home. His poems are translated into Romanian by Romanian-Canadian poet, playwright, translator and academic Diana Manole.

Andrew Davidson-Novosivschei (b. 1987) is a teacher, poet, and translator from Arizona, currently based in Bucharest. His Romanian-language poems have appeared in Poesis International, Tribuna, Poetic Stand, and others. His English-language poems have most recently appeared in Apricity Press, and he has been invited to read his poems at festivals such as Poezia e la Bistrița, Bucharest International Poetry Festival (FIPB), Iași International Festival of Literature and Translation (FILIT), and reading groups such as Republica and the Blecher Institute. His translations have appeared in Asymptote Journal, Trafika Europe, and others, and have been awarded grants from the Romanian Cultural Institute and FILIT.

This is the last episode of "Life Anew. Writers Imagine the World after the Pandemic II", a program of bilingual readings created together with the National Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest.

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