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Diana Bădica / Life Anew. Writers Imagine the World after the Pandemic II

Photo by Claudiu Popescu

As the world seems eager to bounce back from isolation and fear, the pandemic remains a menacing presence and the new reality of our future life is still pretty much the realm of imagination. We have invited some of the most important Romanian contemporary authors to share their take on how they think the world would look like when the ordeal is over. The next guest in our long-running exercise in auctorial foresight is award winning author Diana Bădica, “the prose writer we have been waiting for a long time: the most tragic of her generation and at the same time the most comical” as prominent Romanian literary critic Marius Chivu characterized her.

Bilingual reading. English version of the text by Carrie Hooper.

Diana Bădica (b. Slatina, Romania, 1985) graduated in Social Sciences and currently works in HR. She prefers writing in the first person and is motivated by the life of people in sports. Diana is interested in describing people's adaptive mechanisms to the reality they live in. In 2019 she published Părinți (Parents), a novel awarded the Sofia Nădejde Prize for Literature Written by Women and the Young Prose Writer of the Year Prize in Romania, and the First Novel Prize of Chambery Festival in France.

"Life Anew. Writers Imagine the World after the Pandemic" is a program of bilingual readings created together with the National Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest. The next authors in the series are Mihok Tamas, Chris Tănăsescu, and Lucian-Dan Teodorovici.

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