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Chris Tănăsescu (a.k.a. MARGENTO) / Life Anew II

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

"Walls and Mirrors" - a transmedia computational #GraphPoem

While the world dreams of evading from isolation and fear, the pandemic remains a menacing presence and the new reality of our future life is still pretty much the realm of imagination. We have invited some of the most important Romanian contemporary authors to share their take on how they think the world would look like when this seemingly never ending ordeal is over. This week's guest in our long-running exercise in auctorial foresight is an original, impetuous trailblazer: Chris Tănăsescu (a.k.a. MARGENTO).

Chris Tănăsescu or MARGENTO is a poet, academic, and performer. He has released books, lectured or performed poetry in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. His alias is the name of the intermedia cross-artform band he founded in 2001 and won numerous national and international awards with, including the 2008 Gold Disc in Romania and being selected for the CROWD Omnibus Tour in 2016. MARGENTO also represents an international coalition of writers, artists and computer scientists working on the #GraphPoem project listed as the institute performance at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute.

"Life Anew. Writers Imagine the World after the Pandemic" is a program of bilingual readings created together with the National Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest. The next and last author of the series will be Lucian-Dan Teodorovici.

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