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Romanian Blouse - Global Impact

Learn from specialists how the Romanian traditional blouse has become a global cultural icon

Instantly recognizable in every corner of the world, the Romanian Blouse has become a global icon, a focus of anthropological research, and an important source of inspiration for artists and designers at home and abroad. In anticipation of the Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse, celebrated on June 24, learn more about the global career of this beautiful garment in a conversation bringing together H.E. Mrs. Simona Miculescu, the Romanian Ambassador to UNESCO, Dr. Sara Hume, Associate Professor and Curator of Kent State University Museum, and Andreea Tănăsescu, President of the IA Association and founder of La Blouse Roumaine community.

An event organized by Romanians of DC in partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute. Moderated by Bogdan Banu, President of Romanians of DC, with introductory remarks by Dorian Branea, Director of RCI New York.

In the past 100 years, the Romanian Blouse has come a long way making an impact all over the world. From the remote villages of Transylvania, Wallachia or Moldova to the catwalks of Paris and New York, from the blouses worn by peasants toiling in the fields to Royal attire worn by the queen and princesses of Romania, and from a daily garb to a cultural icon of the Hippy movement of the 60s and 70s, to the canvas of Henri Matisse, the Romanian Blouse has travelled decades.

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