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New York Goes to Sleep

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

A Photographic Journey Through the City Under the Pandemic by JOHNNY VACAR

We are proud to present Johnny Vacar’ s most recent video-photo project, entitled “New York Goes to Sleep”, which explores the pandemic’s impact on the hardest hit place on earth, with a focus on the aggressive effect of the virus over the city’s life. The Romanian-American photographer, a long-time New Yorker himself, has captured haunting images and moments of the new reality of the big city fighting its terrible and invisible enemy in the attempt to reveal the hidden face of the changed urban landscape and the transforming relationship between the place and its people.

A pianist by training, Johnny Vacar brings musical qualities of rhythm, tone, and chromatic harmony to his visual compositions. This original approach, informed by his background, is further underlined by great attention to detail and a methodical pursuit of the right angle, lightning, and colors. The stylistic consistency of his photography creates a wide platform of portraits, moments, feelings, and authenticity. His artwork has developed from “taking pictures” to “capturing moments”, illustrating the everyday people and places that have shaped the artist’s life. These can be familiar and ordinary scenes of urban daily routine or scenes often centered around peoples’ most important events. Johnny Vacar is always in pursuit of unscripted moments that provoke, disturb, and challenge the viewer.



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