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ART FIGHTS CORONA: Artists React to the Pandemic - Works & Talks Series | E7/8: DAN BADEA

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

In the middle of the pandemic, artists are finding countless ways to continue their practice and lift our spirits. Eight Romanian artists have taken our challenge with the kind of ingenuity one would expect from highly creative minds and are ready to share with us and the world, every week, how the current situation impacts them and their artistic imagination. Our series ART FIGHTS CORONA presents irresistible storyteller, Dan Badea, whose artwork, impregnated with poetic atmosphere, depicts a controlled echo between the real and the imaginary through haunting narrative stories.

Dan Badea (b. 1975, Bucharest) is a seasoned professional artist with numerous personal and collective exhibitions. He focuses on the figurative art, aiming to depict the complications of life through a combination of color, texture and symbolism.  He often uses collages as a way of layering and mixing the surface with the meaning of the materials. Dan Badea is interested in reviving and reframing all his paintings, overlapping the paint with old cuttings and photographs in different ways according to specific purposes. In this way he creates narrative stories to act like subversive advertisements for immaterial things such as Memory, Love, The Sublime, Paradise, Death, or the definition of the human being. It is, after all, an artistic attempt at resistance and critique.

WATCH EPISODE 7: Fly chicken, fly!



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