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Adina Dabija / Romanian Women Voices in North America II

Readings full of passion, truth and skill to match a time of tumult and reinvention

Our literary program dedicated to Romanian women's creativity in North America continues with an inspiring reading by New York-based Adina Dabija, a writer and thinker who complements her call for the art of poetry with a professional interest in the arts of acupuncture and hypnosis. The author offers a taste of her upcoming novel entitled Rumi’s Field.

ADINA DABIJA is a writer and thinker born in Aiud, Romania. She now lives in New York, where she practices acupuncture and hypnosis. Her first book, „poezia-papusa” (the poetry - the doll), was awarded the Bucharest Writers’ Association Guild Prize in 1998. She published "Stare nediferențiată" (Undifferentiated State) in 2010 for which she was awarded the Tomis prize in Constanta, Romania. In 2011 she published Beautybeast (North Shore Press), her first collection of poetry in English, and in 2012, at Polirom Publishing House, her first novel, „Șaman” (Shaman). Adina is currently working at four books: Songs from my Garden, a poetry collection, Nine Seeds for Life, a practical self-help book which combines narrative medicine from her native Romania with gardening and bio cognition for anyone suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder, Rumi’s Field, a novel on the mystical relationship between Rumi, the 12th century Sufi poet, and his spiritual companion Shams al Tabriz, and Wise and Wild in America, a book of interviews with exponents of the traditional American values such as self-reliance, individual freedom and equality of opportunity to inspire the young generations. Some of her recent writings and interviews can be found at

Women’s voices dominate the literature written by Romanians in North America. Co-curated with author and academic Cristina A. Bejan, Romanian Women Voices in North America turns the spotlight on this phenomenal wave of creativity and brings together the largest group of Romanian-American and Romanian-Canadian women writers ever assembled in cyberspace. The program’s second season features another inspiring and diverse line-up of authors, including Raluca Albu, Adina Dabija, Daniela Groza, Felicia Mihali, Irina Moga, Adriana Oniță, Doris Plantus, Stella Rădulescu, Elena Secotă, and Saviana Stănescu.

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The program is organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York and Bucharest Inside the Beltway with the support of NARPA - North American Romanian Press Association.

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