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Elena Secota / Romanian Women Voices in North America II

Updated: May 13, 2021

Readings full of passion, truth and skill to match a time of tumult and reinvention

Our showcase of boundless feminine creativity continues with Angeline actress and poet Elena Secota who finds in poetry the universal language of an awakened consciousness and of compassion and who will read from her recently released CD entitled Poems, Songs and the Sea.

Elena Secota was born outside Brașov (Transylvania), Romania, and graduated from The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Amongst her favorite roles are: Antigone in Sophocles' "Antigone" at Theatre Technis, London; Sophie Oresanu in the BBC/ Masterpiece Theatre "Fortunes of War", with Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh, and the Empress in "Lost in Siberia", with Anthony Andrews, filmed on location in Moscow and Uzbekistan. Recently, she played the role of Ioana in the feature film "Sounds of Silence".

Elena’s CD, Poems, Songs and the Sea, was recently released. Her poems have been published in Quill and Parchment, Venice Surf Art Exhibit by Angeline Strassman Caesar, and Beverly Hills Heritage. She is hosting an Open Mic on every third Friday of the month at The Rapp Saloon in Santa Monica. Fervent advocate for Oceana.Org ~ protecting the world’s oceans, her poem All Drains Lead to the Ocean was featured on Al Gore’s Climate Reality website, "related" to the Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter…, and on the Plastic Pollution Coalition Blog. In celebration of National Poetry Month, Elena is one of a handful of Los Angeles poets on a billboard at Gateway shopping center, West Hollywood, with a quote from Millennium, an optimistic look towards the future.

Women’s voices dominate the literature written by Romanians in North America. Co-curated with author and academic Cristina A. Bejan, Romanian Women Voices in North America turns the spotlight on this phenomenal wave of creativity and brings together the largest group of Romanian-American and Romanian-Canadian women writers ever assembled in cyberspace. The program’s second season features another inspiring and diverse line-up of authors, including Raluca Albu, Angela Chirilă, Adina Dabija, Daniela Groza, Felicia Mihali, Adriana Oniță, Doris Plantus, Stella Rădulescu, Elena Secota, and Saviana Stănescu.

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The program is organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York and Bucharest Inside the Beltway with the support of NARPA - North American Romanian Press Association.


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