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Ioan Es. Pop / LIFE ANEW. Writers Imagine the World after the Pandemic

Photo by Mihai Dăscălescu

In time of calamity and social distress, it was often the writers who were called to imagine how the world would heal its wounds and begin again. Inspired by the creative examples of the past, we have summoned an extraordinary ensemble of authors and translators and challenged them to picture by way of prose and poetry how life re-emerging from the black silence of the pandemic may look like. Discover this kaleidoscope of post-crisis visions in our newest online series, LIFE ANEW. WRITERS IMAGINE THE WORLD AFTER THE PANDEMIC created together with the National Museum of the Romanian Literature and opening with one of the greatest visionaries of Romanian verse, IOAN ES. POP. 

Bilingual performance. English version by Ioana Ieronim.

IOAN ES. POP (b. 1958, Vărai, Maramureş county, Romania) is a Romanian poet and publicist. He made his debut with the volume Ieudul fără ieşire, Cartea Românească Publishing House, 1994. He received the Debut Prizes from the Writersʼ Union of Romania and the Writersʼ Union of Moldova. The same publishing house edited his next two volumes of poetry:Porcec (1996),Pantelimon 113 bis (1999) – the Romanian Academy Award, the Writersʼ Union of Romania Award and the Poetry Award of the City of Bucharest. Other poetry volumes published:Petrecere de pietoni, Paralela 45 Publishing House, 2003 – Writersʼ Union of Romania Award;The Art of Fear, Charmides Publishing House, 2016 – the Author of the Month Award 2016 (July) granted by the Writersʼ Union of Romania, the Branch in Iași. A few of his books in translation: Ieud utan utgang, Tranan Publishing House, Stockholm, Sweden, 2009;Sans issue, L’Oreille du Loup Publishing House, Paris, France, 2010;No Way Out Of Hadesburg, Plymouth University Publishing House, Great Britain, 2011;El Ieud sin salida, Baile del Sol Publishing House, Tenerife, Spain, 2011;No Exit, Baile del Sol Publishing House, Tenerife, Spain, 2011;Nem mertem kialtani soha, AB-ART Publishing House, Slovakia, 2012;Nică, Ştiinţa Publishing House, Chișinău, 2012;Ieud bez wyjscia i inne wiersze, Fundacja Pogranicze, Poland, 2013;Assedegats. Dos poetes transsilvans: Ion Mureşan i Ioan Es. Pop, AdiAedicions, Mallorca, Spain, 2016;Un giorno ci svegliamo vivi. Ieud senza uscita, Valigie Rosse Publishing House, Italy, 2016;Адът без изход(Adat be izhod), DA Publishing House, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016. Literary prizes (selection): the “Niram Art” Prize, Madrid, 2010; The “Primăvara Europeană a Poeţilor” Prize by the Writersʼ Union of Moldova, 2012, the “Ciampi Valigie Rosse” Award for the book Un giorno ci svegliamo vivi, in 2016, Venice.  

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