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Caius Dobrescu Taps into American Uniqueness

Looking for Americanness in both myths and humans

In the last episode of our online series "My First American: Transatlantic Encounters and Portraits", where some of the best-known contemporary Romanian writers recall memorable encounters with the first American seen up and close, writer, academic and literary critic Caius Dobrescu looks for Americanness in both myths and humans. English version of the text by Diana Manole.

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Caius Dobrescu (b. 1966, Brasov) is a Romanian poet, essayist and novelist. He teaches philology and literary theory at the University of Bucharest, where he graduated in 1988. He has a Ph.D. in Postmodern literature. His started writing at a young age as a member of the Brașov Group, formed in the 1980s together with fellow writers Andrei Bodiu, Marius Oprea and Simona Popescu. During his studies, he took part in the Universitas cenacle of the University of Bucharest, led by professor and critic Mircea Martin. Among other works, he published the poetry books "Efabia" (1994), „Spalându-mi ciorapii" / "Washing my Socks" (1994), „Oda liberei întreprinderi” / "Ode to Free Enterprise" (2009), the novels „Balamuc sau pionierii spațiului” / "Madhouse or the Space Pioneers" (1994), „Teză de doctorat” / "Doctoral Thesis" (2007), "Minoic" (2011), and the essays „Inamicul impersonal” / "The Impersonal Enemy" (2001) and „Semizei și rentieri" / "Demigods and rentiers" (2001). In 2009, he received the prize of the City of Münster for European Poetry, for the German translation of the work "Ode to Free Enterprise". Caius Dobrescu is a member of the Association of Professional Writers from Romania - ASPRO.

“My First American: Transatlantic Encounters and Portraits” is an online program developed in partnership with the National Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest.

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