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Ana Maria Sandu / “My First American: Transatlantic Encounters and Portraits”

Photo by Ema Cojocaru

Our newest online series has launched! Entitled “My First American: Transatlantic Encounters and Portraits”, the program features some of the best-known contemporary Romanian writers who recall through vivid vignettes and memorable portraits their momentous encounter with the very first American seen in flesh and blood. For the opening episode we welcome a young Ana Maria Sandu, frozen in awe in front of the charismatic Romanian-American literary star, Andrei Codrescu. English version of the text by Andrew Davidson-Novosivschei.

“My First American: Transatlantic Encounters and Portraits” is a year-long online program developed in partnership with the National Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest. Next authors in the series: Bogdan Coșa, Adriana Babeți, Florin Lăzărescu, Elena Vlădăreanu, and Caius Dobrescu.

Photo by Robert Petreanu

Author and journalist Ana Maria Sandu had her literary debut in 2003 with a book of poems entitled From the Memories of a Chelbasan (Paralela 45 Publishing House). In 2006 she published her first novel, The Girl From the Oblong House, followed by Kill me! (2010), Run (2013), and Thin Walls (2017), all at Polirom Publishing House. In 2019 she published Mother Tells Me I Have a Beautiful Life, a collection of articles which she had authored over the years. In 2021 she wrote the highly acclaimed fictionalized biography of one of the most important Romanian female writers, Hortensia Papadat Bengescu, entitled The Stranger. She also published various texts in anthologies such as The Book with Grandparents, The Kitchen of Books and Images, Love 13 or The First Time. Since 2011 she has been an editor for the Dilema Veche weekly magazine. Since 2016, together with poet Svetlana Cârstean, she has been organizing ”The Reading Incubator”.

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