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The RCI Digital Stage Presents: Shakespeare’s THE TEMPEST

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

The show will be available ONE TIME ONLY, as live streaming, on TNB's YouTube channel and shared on our Facebook page on Wednesday, July 8, at 2 p.m. New York & Toronto time / 11 a.m. Los Angeles & Vancouver time.

"A show that aims at offering the audience a state of well being"

Our Digital Stage Series continues with the National Theater of Bucharest production of THE TEMPEST, with a brilliant cast crowned by legendary Romanian thespian and international film star Ion Caramitru as Prospero and a directorial vision emphasizing its striking contemporary relevance through themes like lust for domination, racism and the redemptive power of art.

The show will be available ONE TIME ONLY. Live streaming on our Facebook page directly from the National Theater of Bucharest and on TNB's YouTube channel on JULY 8, at 2 p.m. New York & Toronto time / 11 p.m. Los Angeles & Vancouver time. (Please follow one of the links to watch.)  

The subtitled broadcast is made possible by a partnership between The Romanian Cultural Institute in New York and the National Theater of Bucharest.  


After William Shakespeare

In Romanian with English subtitles

Translated into Romanian by Radu Nichita, Nina Cassian

Directed by Alexander Morfov

Setting by Nikola Toromanov

Costumes by Andrada Chiriac

Light design by Chris Jaeger

Coreography by Florin Fieroiu


Prospero: Ion Caramitru

Caliban: Mihai Călin

Sebastian: Gavril Pătru

Gonzalo: Vitalie Bichir

Trinculo: Mihai Calotă

About the performers and the play:

"In Ion Caramitru’s performance, we all feel 'the charmed and heart-rending reverie of Shakespeare.' His presence animates, fills the show with a sacred emotion. An actor with Shakespearean calling..." (Ludmila Patlanjoglu) 

"With Ion Caramitru on stage, you are protected. You cannot go astray. It is as if you always had in your chest pocket a secret safety code. Or a magic wand. You feel inspired. And strong." (Răzvan Niță)  

"Upon departure, one takes home the joy of having witnessed an artistic performance of first magnitude – Ion Caramitru, Mihai Călin, István Téglás – supported by an excellent team. The show aims at offering the audience a state of wellbeing. And it succeeds." (Gabriela Hurezean)


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