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Two Oscar Nominations for "Collective"

We are thrilled at the news we have feverishly been waiting and working for: "Collective", Romania's submission to this year's Academy Awards, has been nominated not only in one category but two! Huge congratulations to director Alexander Nanau and his team, they have made history as this is the first Romanian film ever to arrive so far in the most competitive film race in the world! We'll continue to support the campaign in the hope that "Collective" brings home the famous statuette!

The multi-awarded documentary examines the courageous pursuit for truth and justice of a group of committed journalists, social activists and survivors after Romania’s most tragic public accident in recent memory.

“A masterpiece” - Rolling Stone

“Explosive” - Variety

“Outstanding” - The Los Angeles Times

“Masterly” - The New York Times


Directed by Alexander Nanau

Writing credits:

Alexander Nanau, Antoaneta Opriș


Music by Kyan Bayani

Cinematography by Alexander Nanau

Film editing by Dana Bunescu, George Cragg, Alexander Nanau

On February 17 director Alexander Nanau was our guest in the Feraru Conferences series to talk about "Collective" and his career as a filmmaker. You can watch the recording of the discussion here:


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