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The RCI Digital Stage Presents: MY FATHER, THE PRIEST

The RCI Digital Stage, our online theatrical series, continues with "My Father, the Priest" by Gabriel Sandu, directed by Leta Popescu and produced by the "Liviu Rebreanu" Company of the National Theater of Târgu Mureș. A powerful performance that questions the choice between tradition and change as the source of dramatic conflicts inside a seemingly harmonious family.

"My Father, the Priest does not take sides, does not accuse or put anyone on trial. It offers the spectators all the premises they need to apply their own subjectivity to a story that is conveyed most objectively." - Andrei Vornicu, LiterNet

A family composed of a father (the priest), a mother and a 25 year old son undergoes painful tensions and soul-searching galvanized by divisive political events. The conflict is set against the backdrop of the abortive attempts to change the Romanian Constitution in order to outlaw same sex marriages: this close-knit group must face the choice between tradition and change. Would the apparent harmony survive if the son came out as gay?


by Gabriel Sandu

Directed by Leta Popescu

Set and costume designer: Tiberiu Toitan

Costume designer assistant: Evelyn Iorga

Sound designer: Bocsárdi Magor

Stage manager: Stelian Chițacu

Prompter: Laura Moldovan


Andrei: Vlad Bîrzanu

Father: Dan Rădulescu

Mother: Monica Ristea

Bostan: Alexandru-Andrei Chiran

Multiple roles: Cristian Iorga

A production of the "Liviu Rebreanu" Company of the National Theater of Târgu Mureș

Photo credit: Cristina Gânj

Our collaboration with the Romanian section of the National Theater of Târgu Mureș will continue on July 14 with the online premiere of "Kasimir and Karoline" by Ödön von Horvath, directed by László Bocsárdi.



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