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The RCI Digital Stage Presents: DRUNKS by Radu Afrim

A descent into the comfortable hell of the middle classes, seen through the stories of 14 intoxicated characters

Photo credit: Bereczky Sándor 

The RCI Digital Stage, our online theatrical series, is proud to present ”Drunks”, a relentless explosion of imagination and brilliant stagecraft directed by Radu Afrim, l’enfant terrible of Romanian theater, and performed to perfection by the ensemble of the Hungarian section of the National Theater of Târgu Mureș. An inquisitive descent into the comfortable hell of the middle classes, made of fears, failures, secret desires, seen through the revealing stories of 14 intoxicated characters.

”a very powerful show, performed by actors whom you’ll end up falling in love with unconditionally” - Călin Ciobotari

The show will be available, as live streaming, on our Facebook page on Wednesday, November 4 at 8 p.m. New York & Toronto time / 5 p.m. Los Angeles & Vancouver time. (Please follow the link to watch.)

For latecomers, the recording will remain available online until 8 a.m. the next day.


Text by Ivan Vyrypaev

Translated into Hungarian by Kozma András

Performance in Hungarian with English Subtitles

Directed by Radu Afrim

Set design by Bartha József

Costume design by Moldován Orsolya

Choregraphy by Dabóczi Dávid

Assistant Director: Szabó Réka

Light Design: Aszalos Attila

Original music by Boros Csaba, Kásler Magda, Kostyák Márton

Voice: Kásler Magda

Double bass: Kostyák Márton

Piano: Boros Csaba


Márta - Noémi Kádár

Márk - Attila Gáspárik

Magda - Dorottya Nagy

Lőrinc - Barna Bokor

Gusztáv - Botond Kovács

Dóra - Erzsébet B. Fülöp

Károly - Ernő Galló

Laura - Katalin Berekméri

Max - Csaba László

Róza - Orsolya Moldován

Linda - Ildikó P. Béres

A production of the ”Tompa Miklós” Company of the National Theater of Târgu Mureş.

Not suitable for children!

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