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The History of Romania in the First 12 Objects

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

The 12-episode first season of THE HISTORY OF ROMANIA IN ONE OBJECT, our online series that evokes decisive epochs in the Romanian past starting from objects with powerful symbolic and representative value, developed in partnership with The National History Museum of Romania, has come to a temporary conclusion. As we are now working to extend this highly successful program in partnership with other important museums in different regions of the country, we invite you to revisit your favorite moments and promise you an equally captivating selection for the fall. 

➩ The Steel Crown of the Romanian Kings

➩ The Thinker and the Sitting Woman

➩ The Dacian Gold Bracelets

➩ The Banner of Stephen the Great

Cuza's Oka

➩ The Flag of Lupșa

➩ Petru Groza's Desk Phone

➩ The Lunar Gifts of President Nixon

➩ Ceaușescu's Personality Cult in Paintings

➩ Valentin Hurduc's Clandestine Printing Machine

➩ The Flag of the 1989 Revolution

➩ Romania a Member of the EU Stamp Issue


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