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"The Bucharest Dossier": A Thrilling Story of Cold War Espionage

“one of the top debuts of 2022… an espionage thriller not to be missed” - BookReporter

Author William Maz will present his smashing debut novel, a suspenseful page-turner about the shadowy and dangerous world of Communist-era secret confrontations, at the RCI in a conversation that brings back a time of somber plots, double-crossing and perilous pursuit of freedom. The book, entitled The Bucharest Dossier (Oceanview Publishing, 2022), is a multilayered labor of love written by a successful physician turned full time writer that has been praised as “an absolute hit" by EpochTV's Dustin Bass and as “one of the top debuts of 2022… an espionage thriller not to be missed” by BookReporter. The event is the first in-person launching event of the novel in New York as part of a US promotion tour. William Maz will be available to sign copies of the book.

In December of 1989 the Soviet empire was crumbling. The former Soviet satellite countries had undergone their own particular version of a “velvet” revolution from communism to some sort of democracy. All except one, Romania. Nicolae Ceaușescu, Romania's dictator, still felt himself invincible. His control over the population using his dreaded secret police, the Securitate, seemed complete. The people were beaten down not only by the constant fear of being arrested, but by the daily grind of standing in line for hours for food and bare essentials. But Ceaușescu did not foresee that a lone pastor in the city of Timișoara would spark an uprising that would bring down the communist government and result in the execution of both the dictator and his wife. This forms the backdrop of The Bucharest Dossier, a love story inside a spy thriller inside a historical novel.

WILLIAM MAZ was born in Bucharest, Romania, of Greek parents and emigrated to the US as a child. He is a graduate of Harvard University, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and Yale residency. During his high school and undergraduate years, he developed a passion for writing fiction. He studied writing at Harvard, the New School, The Writer’s Studio in New York City, and with Gordon Lish, and is now writing full time.

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