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Romanianness, South of the Danube. A Musical Celebration

To mark the celebration of the historical Romanian communities living in the Balkans – the Aromanians, Megleno-Romanians and Istro-Romanians – we are pleased to premier a short music video filmed by the ethno-folk group GRAIU in the heart of the multicultural province of Dobrogea (Dobrudja), by the Black Sea, which offers a fusion full of pathos and longing between the musical and spiritual heritage of the Balkan Romanians and the traditional African-American music before blues and jazz.

Photo by Stefano Lastella

GRAIU – that is, language or idiom – is a Romanian collective made of Alina Ciolcă (vocals), Mac Marian Aciobăniței (guitar) and Adrian Chepa (percussion, bass) whose mission is to preserve and promote the rich musical traditions of the Romanian communities scattered throughout the Balkan region, outside the borders of Romania.

Sound mix & mastering: Vladimir Sergheev

Video credits: Costin Dincă

Graphic artwork: Mihai Teodor Bontz


Mi do dorlu (Aromanian lyrical song)

Preste codru-am amnaveit (Istro-romanian lyrical song)

Chitu Mila (Megleno-Romanian dance song)

Stulia (Aromanian ritual wedding song)

Coanticu lu Boșca (Megleno-Romanian outlaw ballad)

Bună-ți oara picurare/Tumbe (Aromanian pastoral medley)


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