Romanian Women Voices in North America / Ep. 1: Cristina A. Bejan and Alta Ifland

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Women writers dominate the literature written by Romanians in North America. Our literary series, turning the spotlight on this phenomenal wave of creativity, organized in partnership with Denver-based Bucharest Inside the Beltway, brings together the largest group of Romanian-American and Romanian-Canadian women writers we have ever assembled in the cyberspace. The program, co-curated with author and academic Cristina A. Bejan, offers a series of readings full of passion, truth and skill to match a time of tumult and reinvention.

The first episode features poet, performer and academic Cristina A. Bejan and San Francisco-based poet and prose writer Alta Ifland.

CRISTINA A. BEJAN is a historian, theatre artist, and poet, who currently teaches history at Metropolitan State University of Denver. A Rhodes and Fulbright scholar, she holds a PhD and MA from the University of Oxford and a BA (Honors) from Northwestern University.

For more info, please visit www.cristinaabejan.com and BiB Facebook and Instagram for all the updates!

ALTA IFLAND is a Romanian-born American writer and translator who came to the United States in 1991. After a PhD in French, she left academia and now resides

in San Francisco. She is the author of two collections of prose poems (Voix de glace/Voice of ice, bilingual, self-translated from French, Louis Guillaume Prize; and The Snail’s Song) and two books of short stories (Elegy for a Fabulous World, finalist, Northern

California Book Award, and Death-in-a-Box, Subito Press Fiction Prize). Her novel, The Wife Who Wasn’t, and her translation (with Eireene Nealand) of Le Camion by Marguerite Duras, are coming out in Spring 2021. For more info, please visit www.altaifland.com.



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