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Romanian Artists at Miami Art Week 2023

Updated: Feb 20

We are pleased to support the participation of two of Romania’s most prominent galleries, Catinca Tabacaru Gallery of Bucharest and Jecza Gallery of Timișoara, at the 2023 edition of Miami Art Week, the influential and glamorous conglomerate of visual arts fairs and events unfolding every December in the Caribbean metropolis.

At MAW’s most pivotal fairs, Untitled and Nada Miami, Nona Inescu and Rachel Monosov (both represented by Catinca Tabacaru Gallery) present their newest works, which address the colonial ideologies shaping people’s relationships with one another and with the natural world. At its turn, Jecza Gallery examines the legacy of Romanian artistic tradition and stimulates a dialogue between past and present through works by legendary painter Constantin Flondor and by up-and-coming Tincuța Marin, born more than 60 years apart.

The Romanian presence at Miami Art Week aims to expose some of the best names of the Romanian art scene to one of the world’s most influential and receptive audiences and to foster long-lasting, fertile relations between Romanian and American galleries, curators, art historians, and collectors.

NADA Miami 2023 (December 5–9, 2023)

Ice Palace Studios

1400 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33136

UNTITLED (December 6–10, 2023)

Jecza Gallery / Booth B34

Ocean Drive and 12th Street, Miami Beach, Florida

Image credit: Nona Inescu, "Sarcophagi", 2023, courtesy of Catinca Tabacaru Gallery

Catinca Tabacaru Gallery presents a dual presentation by Nona Inescu and Rachel Monosov. In their newest bodies of work, the artists address the colonial ideologies shaping humanity’s relationship to one another and the natural world; addressing the perception that everything is a resource to be unilaterally exploited.

Founded in 2014 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the Gallery built an international reputation for discovering unique talent and taking risks. In 2020, the Gallery moved its primary exhibition space from NYC to Bucharest, Romania, where it is currently adding an Easter European position to its program; parallels between post-communism and post-collonialism becoming more pronounced.The Gallery functions as a platform for multi-disciplinary engagements with a focus on performative practices. Major Projects include: TRANS-Ville (2017-2018), a performance art series transpired in its New York City window during which 31 artists approached states of transition from gender to politics to poetry, curated by Coco Dolle; and Video+Radio+Live, a live and video performance-based collaborative project by 6 galleries based in Romania making part of the Art Encounters Biennial in Timisoara (2021). The Gallery was the instigator and is a co-founder of RAD Art Fair in Bucharest, Romania, with Catinca Tabacaru currently acting as its Co-Artistic Director since its inaugural edition in 2023; and of Doi Joi, a second-Thursdays program started in Bucharest in 2022 with plans to expand nationally in 2024.

Constantin Flondor, "Remember 1. Lumina din Pădurea Mediaș", 2022, courtesy of Jecza Gallery

Jecza Gallery presents two Romanian artists, Constantin Flondor and Tincuța Marin, who have never exhibited in the US focusing on the strong emphasis on painting in European art history and its influence on young and established artists.

Jecza Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based in Timisoara, Romania, dedicated to contemporary art from the 1960s to now. Jecza Gallery was founded initially as a family business in 2011 by Sorina Ianovici-Jecza and Andrei Jecza. The gallery had from the outset a strong propensity for the local historical scene, very important in the 60s and 70s (the Sigma group among others). It represents artists and artist collectives, historical figures but also young and prominent personalities. Through curated juxtapositions of artists of different generations the gallery encourages in-depth research projects related to various art practices. Alongside an art foundation and publishing house founded in 2001, the gallery became a strong research center for the heritage of modern and contemporary art in Eastern Europe. Since 2018 Andrei Jecza took over and rebranded the gallery by developing its program and list of represented artists. Our endeavours for the upcoming future are to further extend our focus on East Europe and beyond.

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lekor adams
lekor adams
31 ene

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23 ene

I was chatting in the chatrandom the other day and learned about a vibrant representation of Romanian art at Miami Art Week 2023! The collaboration between Catinca Tabacaru and Jecza Gallery presents a fascinating exhibition featuring artists Nona Inescu and Rachel Monosov, who skillfully delve into the complex dynamics shaped by colonial ideologies. Their exploration of human connections and relationships with the natural world adds a thought-provoking layer to artistic discourse.

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Joan Kazankin
26 dic 2023

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