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Pianist Dinu Mihailescu Bridges American and Romanian Avant-Gardes at the Enescu Soirees

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Live recital of striking avant-garde music by some of the greatest Romanian and American composers

Adept at creating strong auditive and sensorial experiences, pianist Dinu Mihailescu has chosen for his New York recital a repertoire of powerful avant-garde scores by some of the greatest American composers, punctuated by Romanian pieces in a sort of unlikely transatlantic musical bridge.


John Cage - In a Landscape (1948)

Remus Georgescu - 3 Miniatures for Piano (2004)

Jacob Druckman - The Seven Deadly Sins (1955)

Leonard Bernstein - For Aaron Copland (1943)

Aaron Copland - 4 Piano Blues (1926-1948)

George Enescu - Carillon nocturne (1916)

Time and Location:

Mar 10, 7-9 pm

Romanian Cultural Institute, 200 E 38th St, New York, NY 10016

Born in Timișoara (Western Romania) in 1988 to a family of classical musicians, Dinu Mihailescu is a Romanian pianist who lives in Switzerland since 2009. He studied at the Haute Ecole de Musique (HEM) in Geneva. In 2021 he received his PhD in Music at the University of the West in Timișoara. Dinu has performed as a soloist with the main orchestras of Romania as well as with the Orchestra of the HEM of Geneva and the Orchestra of the Festival of Gijón-Candás. He has taken part in various international competitions and festivals such as the Millennium 30 Piano Festival of Gijón (Spain), Puplinge Classique (Switzerland), Les Estivales de Megève (France), and the Geneva International Piano Competition (2012). In Switzerland he has performed in important venues such as the YehudiMenuhin Forum in Bern, the Ansermet Studio of the Swiss Radio and Television (Geneva) and the Franz Liszt Hall of the Conservatoire de Musique, among others. In 2020 he made his debut at Victoria Hall in Geneva in a concert for a 2-piano duo called OXY MORE, with the Swiss pianist Philippe Boaron. Dinu Mihailescu was awarded numerous prizes, including the 2nd Prize at the Béla Bartók International Piano Competition (Hungary, 2017), the 2nd Prize at the Nice International Piano Competition (France, 2016), and the Rotary Club Award for Excellence for his participation in Art and Culture in Romania (Timișoara, 2018). Since 2017 Dinu has been teaching piano at the Popular Conservatory of Music, Dance and Theater in Geneva (Switzerland) and the Music School of Lausanne, and he is increasingly dedicated to mixing classical, modern and contemporary piano repertoires. To that end, his most recent projects include an audio-video recording of Max Richter’s piano music complemented by piano works from the romantic era (Fr. Schubert, F. Chopin, and R. Schumann).


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