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Philosopher Costică Brădățan at Night of Ideas 2022

Updated: May 24, 2022

Professor Costică Brădățan of Texas Tech University, one of the most original voices in contemporary philosophy, joins the exquisite line-up of luminaries that will offer their thoughts at the inspiring Night of Ideas, the nocturnal marathon of philosophical debates and performances presented by Brooklyn Public Library and Villa Albertine with the support of several organizations including the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York.

Along with revered intellectuals, academics, writers and artists such as musician and writer Patti Smith, Goncourt Prize-winning novelist  Leïla  Slimani or Chief AI Scientist at Meta Yann  LeCun, the prolific Romanian-American author, whose latest book, In Praise of Failure, is forthcoming with Harvard University Press and can be pre-ordered HERE, will explore the answer to a crucial question of our time – Where are we going? – the theme of Night of Ideas 2022 edition.

More details about this initiative and the partners HERE. Please register your participation directly on the Night of Ideas website HERE.

RSVP HERE with Villa Albertine for the "on the road" happening which will start at 5 pm on Saturday, May 21.

Apart from The Romanian Cultural Institute, other EUNIC New York's members participating in the Night of Ideas are: Czech Center New York, The Consulate General of Estonia, Goethe Institut, and Polish Cultural Institute.

COSTICĂ BRĂDĂȚAN is a Professor of Humanities in the Honors College at Texas Tech University, USA, and an Honorary Research Professor of Philosophy at University of Queensland, Australia. He has also held faculty appointments at Cornell University, Miami University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Notre Dame, and Arizona State University, as well as at several universities in Europe and Asia. Brădățan is the author and editor of ten books, among which Dying for Ideas: The Dangerous Lives of the Philosophers (Bloomsbury, 2015) and In Praise of Failure (forthcoming with Harvard University Press). His work has been translated into multiple languages, including Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Farsi. He has also written book reviews, essays, and op-ed pieces for such publications as the New York Times, Washington Post, Times Literary Supplement, Aeon, Dissent, The New Statesman, and other similar venues. Brădățan serves as the Religion/Comparative Studies Editor for the Los Angeles Review of Books and is the founding editor of two book series: “Philosophical Filmmakers” (Bloomsbury) and “No Limits” (Columbia University Press).

Photos by Bram Budel and Robert Danieluk



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