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Online Exhibition: "Paris Peace Treaties (1919-1920): Towards an Architecture of European Peace"

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

If you're in Bucharest these days don’t miss the exhibition "Paris Peace Treaties (1919-1920): Towards an Architecture of European Peace", which focuses on the contribution of Romanian diplomacy to the preparation and conduct of the Paris Peace Conference and includes a series of photographs and documents illustrating some of the most important international events of 1919-20 that brought the First World War to a final conclusion.

Based on the realities created by the dissolution of the great multinational empires as well as the principles formulated by Woodrow Wilson in 1918, the leaders gathered in and around Paris in 1919-20 anchored their negotiations in the principles of self-determination and protection of national minorities. For the first time the scientific expertise provided by specialist in fields like international law, history, statistics, cartography, linguistics, ethnography played an important role in the decision-making process.

The exhibition includes a selection of reproductions in digital format based on diplomatic documents, photographs and press clips of the period, as well as of peace treaties signed by Romania, which are kept in the Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, thus offering a unique perspective on the negotiations. The originals of the peace treaties are also on display.

The exhibition looks at this pivotal moment in its historical context, drawing lessons relevant today especially with regard to the promotion of the values and principles that ushered a new European reality after the First World War, like democracy and the aspiration for peace and general welfare, which after 1945 would be incorporated into the construction of the European institutions.

The exhibition is open to the public between June 4-14, 2022, at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest.

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Jan 24

Exploring the 'Paris Peace Treaties (1919-1920): Towards an Architecture of European Peace' online exhibition is a fascinating journey through a pivotal period in history. Much like The Law Office of Paul Mankin, committed to achieving the best outcomes for their clients, this exhibition sheds light on the intricate negotiations and diplomatic efforts that shaped the post-World War I era. The commitment to transparency and understanding rights resonates between the legal profession and the historical discourse, emphasizing the importance of clarity in both personal matters and international relations. Just as the Law Office aims for justice, this exhibition invites us to reflect on the pursuit of peace through diplomatic channels and the intricate architecture of treaties that sought to reshape Europe.…

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