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LIFE ANEW. First Season

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

In preparation of the fall season of LIFE ANEW, our permanent online series created in partnership with the National Museum of Literature in Bucharest, which continues in September with another exquisite line-up, we invite you to revisit this kaleidoscope of literary distillations of the complex emotions stirred by the unfolding pandemic. We are excited to have offered, week after week, in poetry as well as in prose, poignant visions of the post-pandemic world imagined by some of Romania’s best known writers. We all know that life will never be the same but nobody can say it better than them.

IOAN ES. POP (translated by Ioana Ieronim)

➩ ANDREEA RĂSUCEANU (translated by Carrie Hooper)

➩ ROBERT ȘERBAN (translated by Andrew K. Davidson)

➩ IOANA NICOLAIE (translated by Carrie Hooper)

T.O. BOBE (translated by Andreea Scridon)

➩ SIMONA POPESCU (translated by Andrew K. Davidson)

GABRIELA ADAMEȘTEANU (translated by Ioana Ieronim)

RADU PAVEL GHEO (translated by Andreea Scridon) 



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