It’s Time for a Good Vibration!

The next two events of the Enescu Soirees will feature exclusive highlights of Vibrate! Festival, one of Romania’s most, well, vibrant music festivals, which takes place in major cities throughout Transylvania and Bucharest this month. The recordings will present stellar performers like flute wizard Ion Bogdan Ștefănescu, violinist and composer Vlad Maistorovici, the Festival’s founder and artistic director, cello semifinalist of the "George Enescu" International Competition 2020 Ștefan Cazacu, and subtle pianist Diana Ionescu, the other founder and artistic director of Vibrate!. 


Robert Schumann - "Träumerei", op. 15  

Ion Bogdan Ștefănescu, flute 

Diana Ionescu, piano  

Erich Wolfgang Korngold - "Scene in the Garden", op. 11  

Vlad Maistorovici, violin 

Diana Ionescu, piano  

Ludwig van Beethoven - "Symphony no. 5", op. 67, chamber arranged by J.N. Hummel 

III. Scherzo 

IV. Allegro  

Ion Bogdan Ștefănescu, flute 

Vlad Maistorovici, violin 

Ștefan Cazacu, cello 

Diana Ionescu, piano 

Established in 2015 by two of the most talented and intrepid Romanian classical musicians, violinist and composer Vlad Maistorovici and pianist Diana Ionescu, Vibrate! Festival's scope was to present classical music beyond conventions and to bring it closer to public. The 2020 edition, despite the many challenges created by the medical crisis will present all Beethoven's symphonies arranged in historical chamber transcriptions at 250 years since his birth. Vibrate! Festival is organized with the support of The Administration of the National Cultural Fund and The Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation.

More about Vibrate! HERE


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