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Ioana Ieronim / LIFE ANEW. Writers Imagine the World after the Pandemic

Updated: Aug 18, 2020


In times of calamity and social distress, it was often the writers who were called to imagine how the world would heal its wounds and begin again. Inspired by the creative examples of the past, we have summoned an extraordinary ensemble of authors and translators and challenged them to picture by way of prose and poetry how life re-emerging from the black silence of the pandemic may look like. Our series, LIFE ANEW, created together with the National Museum of Romanian Literature, continues with prominent Romanian-American literary translator and distinguished poet IOANA IERONIM.

IOANA IERONIM is the author of several collections of poems and two volumes of narrative poetry, Triumph of the Water Witch (with multiple editions, including in England and Germany) and Lavinia and Her Daughters, A Carpathian Elegy, a revised edition of Egloga, translated by Adam J. Sorkin with the author, just published in the United States). A volume of plays, Free Casino, and two recent books of poetry, Passage and Portraits Self-Portraits, at Tracus Arte Press, Bucharest. Online: Gowns (theater play in Romanian); Omnivorous Syllables, Ariadne’s Veil (collections of verse in English); When Big Is Not Beautiful. The House of the People (collage and verse). Verse published in translation in several European countries and Turkey, Israel, the U.S.A. Ioana Ieronim also published studies on the Balkan and Israeli drama and essays in Romanian and foreign journals. She translated poetry and drama extensively, from Shakespeare to Arthur Miller and Tony Kushner. She was an editor for foreign encyclopedias, cultural journalist, Romania’s cultural attaché in Washington DC (1992-96) and Fulbright program director in Bucharest. Ioana Ieronim is a a Member of the PEN Center and of the Writers’ Union in Romania.


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