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Impromptu for Ukraine

Collective poem

At the end of last week, on the occasion of the event we dedicated to several Romanian-American women writers, under the strong impression of the war in Ukraine, we invited the public to participate in an old avant-garde poetic experiment. Everyone was asked to continue, anonymously, the verse "Europe is in flames, death is a master from the East", expressing in the form of a collective poem their emotions from the Ukrainian tragedy. Here is, on World Poetry Day, the result of this impromptu lyrical event, as a spontaneous message of support for the victims of the Russian aggression in Ukraine but also as a testimony to the possibilities of poetry when it seems that only weapons can be heard.


Europe is in flames, death is a master from the East

Winter is suddenly colder in New York

Memories flare up, memories long suppressed

Life is fragile, the world is in trouble

Humanity is at stake

The heart of a mother, a sister, a wife, a lover

Can’t stop crying for a father, a brother, a husband, a lover

Now I know for sure that evil exists

And no one is safe anymore

Too slow have we come together to fight the beast

A lesson in loss

Europe is in flames, what are we doing to help?

What can wake us up from this nightmare?

The silent demon is suddenly here

We can do more than offer our thoughts & prayers

Tangible things as if we were all in Ukraine now

This is a nation courageous for all of us

Rejoice for the children who will grow up in freedom!


Jacky April
Jacky April
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Sunny Guy
Sunny Guy
Apr 20, 2023

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