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Experts in Fun: Romanians Occupy Broadway

Updated: Jul 5

We are pleased to join forces with the Romanian Embassy in Washington and the Consulate General of Romania in New York in support of one of the oldest community celebrations in the United States, the popular, please-all-senses street festival, Romania Day on Broadway. With a full Sunday of music, dance, food and memorabilia, this is the unmissable occasion to learn more about the Romanian way of enjoying life, to sample the glorious Romanian cuisine or simply to have a great party in iconic downtown NYC together with legions of fun-loving Romanians.

The musical program is headlined by the virtuosic Romanian-American Eni.Jazz band.

The Romania Day on Broadway festival is produced by the Romanian American Business Council (RABC). 

Eni.Jazz is a collaborative effort of Romanian-American and World musicians that blend improvisational jazz and oriental folklore into a unique, irresistible vibe. ENI combines elements of a multitude of genres including Jazz, world folklore, with pronounced oriental vibes, to create their own, unique style of music that is shown to induce a ‘soul tremor’ that would appeal to one’s sensibility and sense of searching for meaning.

Band Members

Dan Purcea - Guitar

Daniel Villeneuve - Percussion

Kaveh Haghtalab - Drums

Ramon Radosav – Violin

Carlos Mena – Bass

Rafael Castro De Oliveira - Piano

Eni.Jazz creates a musical juxtaposition of the different genres to provoke a sense of universal recognition to deepen one’s senses. The band’s inspiration comes from multidimensional art and strives to awaken all the senses by creating space, time, depth, and clarity with a certain super-perception, awareness, introspection, and empathy through its compositions.

Read more about Romania Day on Broadway HERE.

PHOTO GALLERY by Johnny Vacar | Romania Day on Broadway | Bowling Green Park, Sunday, June 16, 2024



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