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Cristina Chevereșan: Dreaming and Teaching the Americana

Feraru Conferences Online

One of the innovative leaders of Romanian academic life, researcher and professor Cristina Chevereșan, the Vice Rector of the University of the West in Timișoara and an internationally accomplished reference author of American Studies, came to the Feraru Conferences Online on April 14, 2021 for a conversation about the study of the culture&society of the United States at university level in Romania and the triumphs and losses of Romanian scholarship about all things transatlantic.

CRISTINA CHEVEREȘAN, PhD. Habil., is Associate Professor at the West University of Timişoara, Romania, where she teaches American Literature, Culture and Civilization. Director of the American Studies M.A. Program, member of several European and American scientific societies. Ca’ Foscari Venice Visiting Professor (2019). Past recipient of fellowships from the Salzburg Global Seminar, UCD Clinton Institute for American Studies, the Cornell School of Criticism and Theory. Fulbright Senior scholar (Harvard University); Fulbright Ambassador. She has published eight books in Romanian and English, as well as numerous articles in national and international journals, collected volumes, the Romanian cultural press. She has translated and edited a dozen other volumes.

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