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Contemporary Romanian Art Scene in 8 Gallery Tours | E7/8: GALATECA



The “Contemporary Romanian Art Scene in 8 Gallery Tours” series, which for months has presented some of Romania’s best exhibition spaces, curators and artists, is now running as part of “Art Fridays”, our visual arts program meant to broaden the scope of your journey by illuminating all corners of Romanian visual creativity and inviting you to engage, no matter where you are. Continue the exploration of the most influential Romanian galleries, enjoy the hottest exhibitions all over the country, learn about recent works by first-rate artists and let yourselves be guided and transformed by the works artists create in response to the world we live in.



We resume the “Contemporary Romanian Art Scene in 8 Gallery Tours” series with the 7th episode, introducing one of Romania’s boldest cultural hubs, Galateca Gallery, a reference point of the contemporary Romanian art scene and a platform for promoting original art and design projects, constantly adapting to respond to trends and movements in the international art world.

The gallery started in 2012 as a lively and modern multidisciplinary art space in the heart of Bucharest, created by architect Radu Teacă by transforming a historic building. The core mission of the founders was to create an effervescent art space, to bring together contemporary and classical art and to constantly develop a platform that encourages dialog and collaboration between artists, designers, architects, curators, and communicators. With every new project, the space has proved its versatility to accommodate different forms of cultural expressions like theater, dance and performance. Since 2013, the original gallery has been extended, as Neo Galateca, with 3 exhibition spaces, which have hosted numerous performances and artistic personal shows.


Find out more about GALATECA:

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