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Contemporary Romanian Art Scene in 8 Gallery Tours | E5/8: SECTOR 1 GALLERY



The “Contemporary Romanian Art Scene in 8 Gallery Tours” series, which for months has presented some of Romania’s best exhibition spaces, curators and artists, is now running as part of “Art Fridays”, our new visual arts program meant to broaden the scope of your journey by illuminating all corners of Romanian visual creativity and inviting you to engage, no matter where you are. Continue the exploration of the most influential Romanian galleries, enjoy the hottest exhibitions all over the country, learn about recent works by first-rate artists and let yourselves be guided and transformed by the works artists create in response to the world we live in.



Opened in 2017, Sector 1 Gallery, presented in the next episode of our Art Fridays series, is a meeting space of artists, curators and art lovers aiming to expand the boundaries of visual creativity. The gallery is located on the premises of the former factory serving the Romanian Artists Union during communism, which has a rich history and still preserves elements of the building’s original architecture, a mixture of industrial style and modern elements.

Starting from its inauguration, Sector 1 has promoted several artists attached to the so-called Cluj School, a hugely successful group of artists with a growing international reputation characterized by focus on historical and history of art topics, choice of figurative mode of representation, and strong belief in the importance of the aesthetic dimension of painting.

Most of the artists associated with the gallery, like Norbert Filep, Pavel Grosu, Alexandra Şerban, Betuker István, Radu Băieş, Marcel Rusu and Lucian Popăilă, are painters and have been formed in the specific social ambiance and artistic milieu of Cluj, central Transylvania, during the last decade. Nevertheless, they constitute a far from homogeneous group as each possesses a distinct artistic personality and different preoccupations in terms of topics and style.

Thanks to its solid curatorial approach, Sector 1 has gained the reputation as one of the most important contemporary Romanian galleries, with a notable contribution to nurturing Romania’s contemporary artistic elite.

#Episode 5: SECTOR 1 Gallery

ON VIEW: FRAME. Duo show Arantxa Etcheverria / Carlos Caballero

October 22 - December 5, 2020

The liminal approach of the concept of contour - from the Latin limen -mĭnis [...] - it seems to be the central point of the formal dialectic established by this exhibition: FRAME is exactly what grants a thing to be, because framing means choosing their contours, designing a perimeter of meaning and structuring their shape. But the contour unleashes its full aesthetic power not when edicts, but by unlatching, muttering the ambiguous utterance of the distinct drawing line and decanting the nature of the work of art itself, which constantly looks at conventional complexity of reality. Read more about this exhibition.

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