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Contemporary Romanian Art Scene in 8 Gallery Tours | E4/8: IVAN GALLERY



The “Contemporary Romanian Art Scene in 8 Gallery Tours” series, which for months has presented some of Romania’s best exhibition spaces, curators and artists, is now running as part of “Art Fridays”, our new visual arts program meant to broaden the scope of your journey by illuminating all corners of Romanian visual creativity and inviting you to engage, no matter where you are. Continue the exploration of the most influential Romanian galleries, enjoy the hottest exhibitions all over the country, learn about recent works by first-rate artists and let yourselves be guided and transformed by the works artists create in response to the world we live in.



Ivan Gallery, one of Romania’s most internationally active galleries, was opened in 2007, in Bucharest, by curator and cultural promoter Marian Ivan with the aim of invigorating the Romanian commercial gallery scene. The gallery includes in its portfolio highly influential artists like Geta Brătescu, Paul Neagu and Horia Bernea who, beginning with the 1960s, reinvented the local visual arts landscape. It is also home to important contemporary names who only now are starting to leave a mark on the international artistic context.

The gallery has developed many fruitful collaborations with famous world art institutions like MoMA, the Venice Biennale, Istanbul Biennale, Tate London, Hammer Museum, Palais de Tokyo, New Museum, giving its projects and artists an international exposure few other Romanian galleries have enjoyed.

#Episode 4: IVAN Gallery

ON VIEW: Nodes of Resistance by artist IULIA TOMA

10/02 – 11/10, 2020

“Nodes of resistance” is Iulia Toma’s third solo show at Ivan Gallery, after the 2014 “Untitled Fighter” and the 2016 “Dura-Europos.” It continues their line of practice and artistic exploration, focusing on using the textile medium in an expanded field in order to render contemporary social iconographies, from questioning labor and exploitation, to the condition of emigrants and people dislocated by military conflicts. Related pieces have been shown in the group exhibition “The Web of Fabric” at Ivan Gallery in 2019 (especially from the extended series “Untitled Fighter,” a complex body of works which illustrate anonymous female fighters from various cultural and geographical contexts).

“Nodes of resistance” is a research in itself, done by the artist during the past three years on the topic of the history of feminism and women’s liberation movements. Developed by the artist from 2017 to the present, the cycle of collages and drawings sewn on textile materials recycled and prepared by the artist consists of a repertory of iconic representations and portraits of well known or lesser known personalities who fought for women’s liberation, equality of chances and rights, as well as for other underprivileged communities or minorities, for their strive towards political resistance, social justice and labor equity.

Find out more about IVAN Gallery:

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