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Contemporary Romanian Art Scene in 8 Gallery Tours | E3/8: SENAT GALLERY



The “Contemporary Romanian Art Scene in 8 Gallery Tours” series, which for months has presented some of Romania’s best exhibition spaces, curators and artists, is now running as part of “Art Fridays”, our new visual arts program meant to broaden the scope of your journey by illuminating all corners of Romanian visual creativity and inviting you to engage, no matter where you are. Start now the exploration of the most influential Romanian galleries, enjoy the hottest exhibitions all over the country, learn about recent works by first-rate artists and let yourselves be guided and transformed by the works artists create in response to the world we live in.



Unconventional Exhibition Space for Art and Technology

SENAT Gallery was born in 2019 on the site of a former foundry, an old industrial installation, heritage of the 1960’s socialist era, where the large-scale communist statues were being built. Preserving the industrial minimalist style, the space aims at creating an “interactional experience”, most suited to highlight the warm human emotions provoked by any type of artistic expression, and to become a platform, comparable in vision and portfolio, with the the best European galleries.

Since its opening in December 2019, SENAT Gallery has hosted, inter alia, The National Exhibition of Contemporary Art, the exhibition of the young artist Ilinca Gruia, „A Different Perspective”, „The Time is Now” - a manifesto event for the Bucharest of the future by ARCEN, the Diploma project by The Institute and, last but no least, the Romanian Design Week 2020.

Thanks to the creative revival of the foundry, the partnership with the Romanian Design Week came out naturally. This year’s objective of this festival has been to highlight the role of design in building a better future, having 'change' as its overarching theme.

#Episode 3: SENAT Gallery

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