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Autumnal Equinox – A Feminine Perspective

Three up-and-coming Romanian female artists showcased in New York

The AUTUMNAL EQUINOX – A FEMININE PERSPECTIVE pop-up exhibition opened at Maverick Chelsea in New York on September 21, featuring works by three of the most original female artists on Romanian artistic scene - Catinca Mălăimare, Daniela Pălimariu, and Ioana Stanca.

Working across various media, including soft sculpture & embroidery, performance and installation, the three artists engage ideas of home, memory, psychic space and displacement as gateways to a thorough exploration of personal identity. The exhibition is curated by Francesca Popescu, founder of FPI Initiative, and highlights each of the artists' unique style and crafts by placing the works in an intimate and elegant home setting.

The project, supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute, is co-sponsored by NABU Foundation, a non-profit organization with a mission to solve the global literacy crisis so that every child can read and rise to their full potential.

Please contact for details and private views.



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