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Author Dan Coman at the European Literature Days 2020 - NYC

Romanian author Dan Coman joins fellow writers from Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and Malta for a new exciting project: "European Literature Days - NYC" (November 16-20, 2 p.m.), introducing new and diverse European authors and books that are not to be missed.

This exclusive podcast mini-series hosted by Trafika Europe brings the unique spirit and vibes of European café culture to you wherever you are.

In the podcast supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York and presented on November 18 at 2 p.m., poet, novelist and cultural promoter Dan Coman, one of the most original voices of contemporary Romanian literature, will talk to Trafika Europe's editor-in-chief Andrew Singer.

You can listen to the radio podcast on Trafika Europe's dedicated page.

DAN COMAN was born in 1975 in Gersa (Romania). He published three books of poetry, anul cârtiței galbene (the year of the yellow mole, Timpul Publishing House, Iaşi, 2003), Ghinga (Vinea Publishing House, Bucharest, 2005), Dicţionarul Mara, ghidul tatălui 0-2 ani (Mara Dictionary, Father Guide: 0-2 years, Cartier Publishing House, Chişinău, 2009) and two anthologies of his own poetry: d great coman (Vinea Publishing House, Bucharest, 2007) and erg (Charmides Publishing House, Bistrita, 2012). He also published three novels: Irezistibil (Irresistible, Cartea Românească Publishing House, 2010), Parohia (The Parish, Cartea Românească Publishing House 2012), Căsnicie (Marriage, Polirom Publishing House, 2015). He won The Writers Union Prize Award, 2004, Mihai Eminescu Award, Opera Prima, 2004, Radio Romania Cultural Award 2010, and the Crystal Vilenica Prize, Slovenia, 2011. His work has been published in the following anthologies: Om jag inte får tala med någon nu: 27 poeter från Rumänien (Bokförlaget Tranan, Sweden, 2011), Of Gentle Wolves, An Anthology of Romanian Poetry (edited by Martin Woodside, Calypso Editions, 2011), The Vanishing Point that Whistles (Talisman House Publishers, Massachusetts, 2011), Anthologie de la poésie roumaine contemporaine (Paris, 2008), Iz Novije Rumunske Poezije (Serbia, 2009), Pesniki, Cakajoci na angela (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2010). In 2012, the anthology Ghinga was published at Edition Solitude, Stuttgart, translated into German by Georg Aescht. His poems have been translated into German, Swedish, French, English, Slovenian, Serbian, Hungarian and featured in several literary magazines. Dan Coman is the organiser of the International Poetry and Music Festival in Bistrița ("Poetry Is at Bistrita") and was, in 2018, the recipient of a fellowship to attend the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa.

Other writers in the series: Anna Goldenberg (Austria), Veronica Raimo (Italy), Pavla Horáková (Czech Republic) and John P. Portelli (Malta). All podcasts can be found on the same dedicated page.


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