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Atelier AdHoc @ ECO Solidarity - Sustainable Ideas for the Future Shared by 8 European Designers

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Online at CLOSEUP 2021

We're glad to support Atelier AdHoc, representing Romania, at the second edition of ECO Solidarity at CLOSEUP 2021, a virtual event organized by ICFF + WantedDesign Manhattan in collaboration with EUNIC New York. During the course of two sessions on May 18, eight visionary designers coming from various European countries will share products and projects that address the imperative need for human-centered, sustainable design in response to humanitarian and public health crises.

Atelier AdHoc is a Bucharest-based architecture studio seeking to understand the complexity of the built environment through creative, valuable, and specific design solutions. Dealing with the problems of the contemporary city, the team’s objective is to offer particular housing experiences and careful planning of the available resources in order to optimize the construction costs. Atelier AdHoc is engaged in supporting vulnerable or marginalized communities, for which it seeks to develop intervention and anti-poverty scenarios missing from the local administration agendas.

At ECO Solidarity, Atelier AdHoc brings forth an idea that seeks to redefine the social space and its limits. Using the premises and human resources of a temporary night shelter in the working class Pantelimon neighborhood of Bucharest, the project aims to respond at and upgrade the daily needs of the homeless people who are currently living there. As a reaction to the excessive presence of fences throughout Bucharest, the approach introduces a new form of the delineation made out of 48 storage units, a neighborhood resource collector, a covered space, and a planter.

Read more about the project here.

ECO Solidarity is carried out in collaboration with WantedDesign Manhattan and several EUNIC New York member organizations: Austrian Cultural Forum New York, Delegation of the Government of Flanders to the USA, Wallonie-Bruxelles International New York, Czech Center New York, Goethe-Institut New York, Arts Council Malta in New York, and the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York.

When: Tuesday, May 18, 2021, ECO Solidarity Live Talks at CLOSEUP

Session 1: 10:05 AM to 10:45 AM EST - “Design with Empathy: Public Space and Social Impact” - AHA Objects, Atelier Ad Hoc, EOOS Next, and Herrmann and Coufal with guest speaker Adriana Blidaru, Romanian-American curator and founding editor of Living Content

Registration to CLOSEUP programming is free to the public and available through the following link.

A two-month long exhibition will follow between June 15 - August 15 on

Atelier AdHoc

About Atelier AdHoc:

George Marinescu (Founding partner, architect) and Maria Daria Oancea (Founding partner, architect) have been working together since 2015, developing an architecture practice focused on mutations regarding public space, living conditions, property and land use, as manifested in the everyday life of the city. Founded as a dual practice: a design studio and a non-governmental organization, their works engage with situations associated with social and spatial vulnerability, dealing with informal or planned aspects of architecture.

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