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Art Fridays: Studio Visit with Visual Artist Ana-Maria Morar

An Observational Encounter


Our Art Fridays series resumes this with an enticing portrait of Ana-Maria Morar, a Romanian visual artist living and working in New York City. A real “observer” of the world, as she calls herself, she believes that materials can carry thoughts and feelings, hence the suave and meditative quality of her practice. Ana-Maria has been experimenting with a variety of materials and processes, and values her experiences just as much as the materials she is working with.

Ana-Maria Morar completed her undergraduate studies at University of Babes-Bolyai in Cluj-Napoca, the home of Romania’s most famous contemporary art movement, and after years of experimenting with photography she moved to the United States and enrolled at The Art Students League of New York to study sculpture with distinguished instructor and artist Leonid Lerman. Since 2013 she has devoted her time making two body of works. One, called EMPTYING THE INSIDE WITH A SPOON, is grounded in her formative childhood experiences in Romania, while the other, entitled ONE AND UNDER, focuses on motherhood and the richness of meaning found in the mundane experiences of every-day life.

Studio Visit with Visual Artist Ana-Maria Morar (2021)


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