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Art Fridays: Studio Conversations with Ciprian Paleologu

Life as a 24/7 Art Project


Today's guest in our “Studio Conversations” series is Ciprian Paleologu (b. 1976), a “Romanian visionary artist” (as he jokingly likes to recommend himself) and the founder of Laborna Gallery, a creative space in Bucharest. He studied painting at the University of the Arts in Bucharest, where he also teaches. Ciprian’s long-time, ongoing artistic focus, called “The Human Project”, began when he was 24 years old and is meant to continue for 24 biennial stages until he is 70 and even after his biological death.

“The Human Project” implies an existential irony and involves two levels of understanding: one formal, visual-artistic, another deductive, projective-speculative. It consists of two main components: “Homage to Helplessness”, a series of exhibitions which demonstrate the tendency of the human being to abandon the creation of spiritual resources; and “The Homodrome”, the construction of a mega-aggregate of “human correction”.

In 2020, Ciprian reached the project’s 11th stage, entitled “And then…”, with an exhibition presented at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (MNAC) (December 2020-March 2021).

Ciprian’s creation is defined by uniqueness and has a sort of utopian approach, coming with a burden in his lifestyle which made him describe its right ingredients as 99% irony, 49% art and 66% science. For him, the art STUDIO is his genius brain’s fitness & spa with a 24/7 schedule.

EP.4/10: Studio Conversations with Ciprian Paleologu (2021)


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A special online Visual Arts Program to celebrate the contemporary Romanian art, discover innovative exhibitions, experience gallery tours, studio visits, museum walks, watch artist talks and promote artistic exchanges.

Art Fridays presents Studio Conversations, a new online series that offers an intimate, behind-the-scenes access to 10 rising stars of the Romanian artistic scene, uncovering their philosophy and practices, technical approaches, sources of inspiration, and personal stories. Get ready for a close encounter with some amazingly creative individuals, working in a wide range of styles and media, right in the heart of their studios.

“Studio Conversations” features 10 Romanian artists: Ioana Palamar, Cătălin Bădărău, Lea Rasovszky, Ciprian Paleologu, Aurora Kiraly, Obie Platon, Bianca Man, Ştefan Radu Creţu, Delia Călinescu (Zoiţa), and Roman Tolici.

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Yura Makovetskii
Yura Makovetskii
Apr 10

Today's guest is Ciprian Paleologu, a Romanian visionary artist and founder of Laborna Gallery in Bucharest. His ongoing project, "The Human Project", explores existential irony through visual and speculative components. In 2020, he showcased the 11th stage of the project at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest. While delving into the depths of human existence, enjoy the delicious low carb pizza options from to fuel your own creative journey.

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