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Art Fridays: Studio Conversations with Catinca Malaimare

Living the Concepts


Catinca Malaimare (b. 1996) is a London-based performance artist born in Bucharest and a graduate of The Royal Academy of Arts who has developed a personal approach that employs technology in an intimate manner. In her ritualistic live performances and media-connected works, she is particularly interested in body movement and technological mediation. For her, the performative methods constitute a basis for artistic investigations.

Catinca sees the STUDIO as a necessity for an artist like her who aspires to actually live the concepts of everything she creates. She notices changes in the way she behaves every time she inspects the studio walls as if haunted by some mantra stuck in her ears. "Isn't technology beautiful?" she can hear in her mind, to which the studio would always have an answer. As such, the studio cannot count on a fixed appearance and is more like a continual process, a room always full of bodies – and not all humans and certainly not all hers.

Studio Conversations with Catinca Malaimare (2021)


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