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Art Fridays: Studio Conversations with Alexandru Rădvan

Art as Creative Mythology


Alexandru Rădvan (b.1977) is one of the most prominent contemporary Romanian artists, with numerous shows in Romania and abroad, and a professor at the National University of Arts in Bucharest, where he also studies painting under celebrated artist and educator, Florin Mitroi. Preoccupied by the relationship between contemporary society, myths, and ancient religions, he is the author of an extensive series, including works like Imperator, Minotaur, Constantine the Great, Homage to Judas, Christ, that highlight his interest in mythology as principal source of inspiration.

Alexandru Rădvan’s artistic practice is very diverse, his ancient goddesses, titans, centaurs, hunters or explorers being captured in paintings, collages, temperas, and sculptures. He jokingly equates the studio with a gym, a university, a wrestling arena, a brothel and a monastery, a huge airport, a carnival, and a cemetery, all at the same time. But, as he often claims, the studio merely is a military base from where he can launch his raids and conquering campaigns.

Studio Conversations with Alexandru Rădvan (2021)


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