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Art Fridays: Studio Conversations with Ştefan Radu Creţu

The Shapes of Perpetual Movement


Ştefan Radu Creţu, our next guest in the “Studio Conversations” series, is a kinetic artist living and working in Sibiu, central Romania, who uses playful elements in order to create innovative sculptural constructions which allude to utopian worlds filled with peculiar creatures. The artist is employing complex technological means to create works that are perpetually mobile, inspired by primitive life forms and endlessly going through different shapes and features. Some of his sculptures are made for outdoors, some, smaller, for indoors (where movement is fundamental), while other works are moving paintings. They all emphasize the impact of modern technology on human life, criticizing the artificial, hybrid existence of the 21st century individuals.

Ştefan Radu Creţu graduated from the Ceramic-Glass-Metal Department of the Art and Design University in Cluj and earned his master’s degree in Sculpture at the National University of the Arts in Bucharest. He also studied at the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Art in Poland and in 2013 became a Ph.D. candidate in Visual Arts at the National University of the Arts in Bucharest.

For Ştefan, the STUDIO is more than a space, it is almost a mission where he tries to respect and fulfill his most extravagant thoughts. But in the same time, it can be overwhelming, because the studio is a sophisticated place with many objects and possible scenarios, becoming a trap where disorder and manifold can easily take place if you don't own it. Here he explores the moment, relying on his creativity to confront the limited time he has been given as a mere mortal.

EP.7/10: Studio Conversations with Ştefan Radu Creţu (2021)


Find out more about Ştefan Radu Creţu here:

Website: Stefan



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Art Fridays presents Studio Conversations, a new online series that offers an intimate, behind-the-scenes access to 10 rising stars of the Romanian artistic scene, uncovering their philosophy and practices, technical approaches, sources of inspiration, and personal stories. Get ready for a close encounter with some amazingly creative individuals, working in a wide range of styles and media, right in the heart of their studios.

“Studio Conversations” features 10 Romanian artists: Ioana Palamar, Cătălin Bădărău, Lea Rasovszky, Ciprian Paleologu, Aurora Kiraly, Obie Platon, Bianca Mann, Ştefan Radu Creţu, Delia Călinescu (Zoiţa), and Roman Tolici.

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