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ART FRIDAYS: 145 Years of Brâncuși (and Counting)

Celebration of Constantin Brâncuși National Day



Patriarch of Modern 20th Century Sculpture

To mark the anniversary of Romania’s most celebrated artist, born on February 19 exactly 145 years ago, we are pleased to present ”Constantin Brâncuși: Patriarch of Modern 20th Century Sculpture”, the special episode of a superbly crafted series about towering figures of Romanian history and arts, entitled “Who is Romania” and created by charismatic historian, author and BBC journalist, Tessa Dunlop, with the support of our colleagues at RCI London and Storytailors.

WHO IS ROMANIA: Constantin Brâncuși



A special online Visual Arts Program to celebrate the contemporary Romanian art, discover innovative exhibitions, experience gallery tours, studio visits, museum walks, watch artist talks and promote artistic exchanges.

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