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Art Fights Corona - Artists React to the Pandemic - Works & Talks Series | E3/8: DANIEL RĂDULESCU

Updated: May 26, 2020

In the middle of the pandemic, artists are finding countless ways to continue their practice and lift our spirits. Eight Romanian artists have taken our challenge with the kind of ingenuity one would expect from highly creative minds and are ready to share with us and the world, every week, how the current situation impacts them and their artistic imagination. The third episode in our series, ART FIGHTS CORONA, presents ingenious Daniel Rădulescu, an experimental young sculptor mastering the Art of Welding in the attempt to create seemingly weightless, strikingly dynamic metal works.

Daniel Rădulescu (b. July 1, 1990) graduated in Graphic Design and for many years immersed himself in 3D computer graphics, which helped him develop an excellent depth perception. In 2014, he chose to make a career shift and started to use all the acquired knowledge and skills in a more tangible way. Consequently, he began an apprenticeship under the guidance of re-known artist and professor Adrian Ilfoveanu in the Sculpture department of the “National University of Fine Arts” in Bucharest. By that time, Daniel had showed a growing interest in a variety of materials and techniques like stone carving or clay modeling. However, as his evolutionary journey progressed, what really started to hold his attention was the contrast between the metal’s toughness and its potential “fluidity”. These intriguing qualities of the material pushed him to experiment with the welding technology and ultimately allowed him to create impressive works that vividly captured movement and energy. By adding multiple layers of melted steel, the outcome proved remarkable due to the contrasting textures that blended perfectly, resulting in expressive metal sculptures, full of dynamism despite their inherent density and weight.




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